Indoor Air Quality Services in Kelso, WA

Your home or business’s indoor air quality plays an important role in your property’s overall safety. That’s because the air inside your building is very likely contaminated with a variety of pollutants that you don’t even know about. Not my property, you may think – but the truth is that, on average, indoor air is more contaminated than outdoor air! If this fact surprises you, it may be time to procure indoor air quality services.

In Kelso, WA, Custom Heating and Cooling LLC is always prepared to help you improve your home or business’s breathability. We do this by selling and installing a number of home air filtration systems that have proved their worth time and time again. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation with a technician and find out how you’ll benefit when you purchase your own. Be sure to also ask about our HVAC services.

Choosing the Right System

We’re happy to report that there’s almost always a system that’s perfect for any indoor air problems you’re facing. The challenge is determining which is right for your needs. But don’t worry – our technicians are more than happy to help you decide. Read on to learn more about your choices and find out how they work to clean your home or business’s air:

  • Air filtration systems and air purifiers. These systems are solid starting places for most indoor air quality issues. They run the gamut, from basic filters for larger particles to UV air purifiers that are perfect for removing biological pollutants.
  • Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology. This approach to whole home air purification takes filtration to the next level. Developed in cooperation with NASA, this revolutionary approach to air cleanliness will leave your breathing easier than the astronauts on the International Space Station.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Though these systems aren’t useful when it comes to removing pollutants, they are perfect for balancing humidity levels in your home or office. Too much or too little humidity can make for an uncomfortable living or working space.
  • Heat and energy recovery ventilators. It’s easy to strike a balance between energy efficiency and improved air quality. You never have to choose between the two when you let our technicians help you determine which is right for your needs.

Contact our technicians today to request more information about our indoor air quality services. We proudly serve residents of Kelso, Washington, and nearby areas.