Home Efficiency Upgrades in Kelso, WA

Whether you’re looking to cut costs, save energy, or both, you can always depend on Custom Heating and Cooling LLC for help with smart technology integration. We’re ready to help with home efficiency upgrades in Kelso, WA, that make your home a more comfortable place to live. Once you’ve optimized your home’s performance, you’ll be wondering why you waited this long – so reach out today to start exploring your options.

Efficiency Testing Delivers Results

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are a number of ways to boost your home’s performance. This doesn’t have to mean tearing out your existing HVAC system. Instead, we’re looking at ways to affordably improve your home’s results without going overboard. Remember, we’re talking about your property’s overall performance – not just the performance of the individual systems within your home.

A home energy audit can help our technicians find solutions for many issues that lead to inefficiencies, which in turn drag your home’s performance down. Depending on the issues we’re looking to uncover, an audit may involve a few different kinds of tests. Blower door tests, for example, can help us locate air leaks throughout a building. Duct testing, on the other hand, is specific to the air ducts. Some tests are less involves, such as those conducted with smoke pens.

Upgrade with Home Automation Services

Your energy audit’s results will give our technicians plenty of information, which we’ll use to help boost your home’s overall performance in a number of ways. However, many of our clients opt for a more active approach. Take your home’s performance to the next level with a Nexia home automation system installed by local HVAC contractors you trust.

Nexia is a home automation program built on an open architecture platform. The benefit of this is that you are not confined to proprietary products. Nexia chooses who they work with carefully, but the open nature of the system means that there are various brands to choose from. Beginning with smart thermostats and moving into areas like lighting, security, and energy systems, Nexia home automation is a great way to bring your home up to speed.

Contact us today to find out more about the home efficiency upgrades available now. We proudly serve residents of Kelso, Washington, and nearby areas.